COVID- 19 Update: A
message from Paul Lyons

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Paul Lyons

As the Coronavirus continues to impact our country, I would first like to extend the thoughts and support of all of us at Lyons Bowe to those affected by the virus, and to share our gratitude to the first responders, healthcare professionals and others who are working tirelessly to help our communities get through this difficult time.

As a business we pride ourselves on always being available to help individuals and businesses within the communities that our offices are situated within.  With this principle in mind I would like to make clear that should anyone need our help they should make contact with us and speak to one of our members of staff. You can contact us by telephoning one of our offices, the details of which are set out in our website.  I also want to add that there will be no charge for simply making contact to talk to us.   If we are able to help you then we will do so, in situations where you require services we do not provide we will recommend a professional that you can make contact with.

I appreciate that there will be an increasing number of questions about how this virus will affect our clients and our business partners.  As a business we are very much aware of the important role that we play within our community, whether it be acting for our clients in the purchase and sale of their homes, putting in place a Will so that our clients’ families’ futures are protected and / or providing advice on employment and business matters to local businesses.

Because I am aware that our customers and partners will be naturally worried I wanted to confirm that as a business we have a robust, resilient, and tested Business Continuity Plan in place so that we can maintain the levels of service to our clients and business partners during these difficult times.  I can also confirm that these plans are now coming into effect and that in the coming days we will significantly reduce the number of staff who are required to work in our offices, allowing our staff to work from home.

I have always been a passionate believer in the benefits that technology can bring to businesses both big and small. It is because of this passion that we have invested substantially in our IT infrastructure since we started our business 5 years ago and this investment has not only helped us grow our business over the last 5 years but it has also put us in a good position to deal with this current situation. Our staff are able to work remotely at home whilst having access to our law firm’s applications and security protections which in turn ensures all files are fully secure and allows us to maintain service levels to our clients and business partners.

It goes without saying that, in the current environment, the health and safety of our employees, customers, and partners is our paramount priority. Which is why as a business we are making decisions based on official advice from the UK Government and health authorities and have gone further where we believe it is the responsible thing to do for the health and safety of our staff and customers.

The decisions being made by us are also being balanced with the needs of our customers and partners, the needs to protect the health of our staff and to protect the financial health of our business.  Because of the different types of legal services we provide and the wide range of demographic within our client base to whom we  provide our legal services to it is not possible to set out a one size fits all policy.  It is for these reasons that we have decided to implement policies and procedures at departmental level so as to ensure that those policies and procedures are both fit for purpose and manageable.

Each current client will be contacted in the coming days by the Head of the Department in which their matter or transaction is being dealt with.  This contact will initially be made by email and/or letter (depending on each of our clients’ individual needs) and should any further information be required this can be provided through direct contact with either the Heads of Departments themselves or the individual fee earners and legal assistants working on our clients’ matters and transactions.

I can confirm that until further notice all non-essential face to face meetings and travel will happen on an exceptional basis only.  I do not want to place an outright ban on face to face meetings because I am conscious that there will be certain circumstances where these will be required, such as the need for an emergency Will having to be prepared.

I can confirm that at present we do not have any staff with a confirmed case of the Coronavirus, should this situation change then I will make an announcement if and when appropriate to do so.

I encourage you to get in touch with one of our members of staff should you have any questions or need specific legal support in relation to the Coronavirus or any other matter.

As always, as a business we remain committed to our people, our clients, our business partners and our community.

I will be in touch with further updates when the government guidance changes. In the meantime, please take care of yourselves and your loved ones.


Paul Lyons
Managing Partner
Lyons Bowe Solicitors