Stage 12 of Buying a House |
Contracts Sent to You For Signature

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The final Contract has been sent to you via 1st class post ready for your signature now that enquiries on the Contract have been completed. The seller will be sent an identical Contract which will be reviewed before exchange takes place. This is the final Contract for the purchase of your property. Signing the Contract alone does not make the transaction legally binding. We cannot exchange Contracts without all parties of the purchase signing them first.


  • Answer any questions that you have about the Contract and assist you in any way that we can.


  • Sign the final Contract and send it back to us in the post, or drop the Contract into one of our offices


The transaction is not legally binding until the Contracts have been exchanged. All parties purchasing must sign the Contract, as well as all sellers signing their Contract. No further enquiries can be raised on the Contracts after exchange.

FAQs about exchange and completion

What is exchange?

Exchange is the point at which the transaction is legally binding.

What is completion?

Completion is the point at which ownership of the property transfers to the buyer.

Do these Contracts bind me to the purchase?

No, neither party is legally bound to the purchase until the Contracts have been exchanged. Confirming you are happy with the content of the Contracts does not bind you to the purchase.

Your Exchange and Completion Team will take you through the final steps of your purchase. The next step will take place once you have carefully read through the Contract, signed and returned it via post or into one of our offices which is explained next!