Step 15 of Buying a House
| Completion Has Taken Place 

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Congratulations, you have completed your purchase! The keys to your property will be released by the seller’s solicitor and you will be able to collect them from the Estate Agent.

Completion is the day that ownership of the property transfers across to you meaning you officially own your property! Typically, this means mortgage funds are released to the seller’s solicitor and your estate agent will have agreed the appropriate completion date further up and down the chain to ensure a smooth completion.


  • We will now begin the process of registering your ownership with the Land Registry.


  • You can arrange to collect your new keys from the estate agent and get unpacking!

FAQs about Completion

Is completion the day I get the keys?

Yes, this is the final step for both you and the seller of the house! You can collect the keys from the estate agent and move into your new home!

Can I move in on completion day?

You can move in on or after the completion day. The sellers must vacate the property to allow for completion to take place.

Who decide the completion date?

The completion date is agreed by both parties in the purchase prior to exchange of contracts, which you can read more about in blog 14 here.

About Completion

You can now pick up your keys, get decorating and throw a housewarming party. Your property is officially yours! Although this is the last step for you and you are the official owner of your new property, there is, one final step: property registration. This is explained in blog 16 whereby the property is registered in your name.