Step 9 of Selling a House
| Completion Has Taken Place

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Congratulations, completion has taken place! Completion is the day that ownership of the property transfers across to the buyer’s meaning you have officially sold your property! Typically, this means mortgage funds are released to us and your estate agent will have agreed the appropriate completion date further up and down the chain to ensure a smooth completion.

Completion is always on Friday so wait for the exciting news over the phone at which point you have officially sold your property!


  • Complete your transaction on the agreed completion date with your buyer’s solicitor.


  • Keep an eye out for your phone for the exciting news.

About Completion

What happens on completion day for the seller?

Completion is an exciting day for everyone involved! Once we have received payment from the buyer’s solicitor the keys will be released to the buyer and the ownership of the property transfers to the buyers. You will need to have moved out of the property prior to completion taking place in order for the buyers to move in.

Although this is the last step for you, there is however, one final step; property registration. The buyer’s solicitor will apply to register the title into the buyer’s names which is explained further in the next and final step available in blog 11 here.