Embracing the Future: How Your Will
Can Contribute to a Cancer-Free World

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Looking ahead towards the future can sometimes be a daunting prospect. This is especially true when it comes to discussing matters of our legacy and what we leave behind. Yet, while the thought can be overwhelming, there is an incredible opportunity that comes with will writing– an opportunity to propel life-saving cancer research.

At Lyons Bowe, we are honoured to work in partnership with Cancer Research UK to provide you with comprehensive support in including legacy gifts in your Will. Read on to learn about the significant difference your Will can make, not just for the upcoming generation but for countless more to come.

Tommy’s story – A Kickabout with Grandson

One of the many people whose lives have been touched by the progress in cancer research is Tommy. Thanks to the advancement in treatment strategies, Tommy can now enjoy more kickabouts with his grandson, cherishing life’s precious moments. The life-saving trials that offered such relief to Tommy are funded significantly by Gifts in Wills.

By wishing to include a legacy gift in your Will, you’re not just making a donation; you’re creating hope, a chance for more grandfathers like Tommy to enjoy their time with their loved ones.

A Long-Term Investment in Health – The TRACERx Initiative

One such initiative brought to life through generous legacy gifts is TRACERx. This ground-breaking study aims to revolutionise our understanding and treatment of lung cancer. This investment in the research of tomorrow is critical, considering lung cancer is the third most common cancer in the UK. More than just a statistic, each of these cases represents a person, a family, a story. Legacy gifts are instrumental in driving the progress to change these stories’ outcomes positively.

The aspirational work of Cancer Research UK and similar initiatives are only possible due to the generous public contributions, in which legacy gifts play a an important role. In the last 40 years, the survival rate for cancer patients in the UK has doubled from 1 in 4 people to 2 in 4. This significant shift towards survival is irrevocably tied to research, underlining the valuable difference you can make through your Will.

Your Legacy – A Beacon of Hope

When individuals like Sue and Patrick opt to pledge residuary gifts in their Wills, their choices reflect a deep-seated commitment to championing life-saving discoveries. According to Sue, she is passionate about supporting Cancer Research UK’s work throughout her life and wants her impact to prevail even after she’s gone. This spirit resonates with many who decide to include a legacy gift in their Will. They propel the same commitment forward, marking a path of hope for the generations to come.

How We Can Support You

At Lyons Bowe, we offer comprehensive support throughout the process of writing or updating your Will, ensuring the final document reflects your wishes accurately. Our team is here to guide you every step of the way, acknowledging the sensitivity of these discussions and demonstrating professionalism and respect at all times.

Embrace the future with confidence, knowing that your Will is more than a document. It’s an opportunity to affect change, a chance to add momentum to cancer research and our shared vision of a cancer-free world.

Through your Will, you have the power to contribute to a legacy of research advancements, fuelling hope, and survival for individuals like Tommy. Together, we can shape a future where cancer survival continues to double, redefining what being diagnosed with cancer means.

For more information on legacy giving and how your Will can contribute to Cancer Research UK’s life-saving work, please reach out to Lyons Bowe. We are here to guide you through the process with care and expertise, ensuring your wishes translate to impactful realities. Your legacy could forge a cancer-free world— let us help you make it possible.

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