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As you embark on the journey of writing your will, you have the incredible opportunity to fund transformative research. By crafting your legacy with Lyons Bowe, Cancer Research UK can become a part of your everlasting impact.

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Simplifying the Journey

Integrating charities into your will should not only be meaningful but also stress-free. Lyons Bowe, with years of proven professional expertise, simplifies this otherwise overwhelming process. Whether you prefer online consultation or face-to-face engagement, our dedicated solicitors stand ready to guide you meticulously every step of the way.

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Making a Lasting Impact – Charities in Your Will with Lyons Bowe

Introduction Life has a beautiful way of intertwining individuals, communities, and causes. It’s this connection that brings us to discuss a shared journey towards making a lasting impact. In collaboration with Cancer Research UK, Lyons Bowe proudly presents the Free Wills Service, a mark of our commitment to a cause that resonates with us all

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Cancer Research UK

WHAT IS THE SERVICE? We have partnered with Cancer Research UK to make the Free Wills Service. This service means that you can make a Will with Lyons Bowe, and you’ll only need to pay for your disbursements (usually less than £30). All we ask is that you consider leaving a life saving gift in

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