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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

The Lyons Bowe Corporate Social Responsibility Policy


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an assessment of our impact on society, from which we evaluate our responsibilities; it covers the firm, clients, communities, suppliers and the environment.


This policy aims to inform us all of the activities that we consider appropriate to meet CSR.


This policy applies to us all, including managers, consultants, and any third party that this policy has been communicated to.


Edward Romaine (COLP) is responsible for this policy and for monitoring and managing CSR.

We must all familiarise ourselves with this policy and put forward any ideas as to how we can improve our contribution to CSR.  All ideas should be communicated to Edward Romaine and Bethany Huff.

Policy statement

We believe that our business behaviour must be socially responsible and should take account of the impact our activities have on the economy and society. We aspire to make a positive impact on the community within which we operate.

Our policy is to make social responsibility a core value of the firm because it makes sound business sense to do so and, more importantly, because we know that it is the right thing to do.

Our CSR activities

Our activities are organised into the following areas:


In considering the environment, we:

  • Include environmental considerations in our purchasing and procurement processes to encourage environmental responsibility amongst our contractors, suppliers and staff;
  • Ensure that we manage waste through responsible disposal and make arrangements for recycling where possible;
  • Minimise our use of electricity by encouraging staff to turn all electrical equipment off when not in use;
  • Operate a paperless office;
  • The firm has an active Staff Social and Charity Committee, these forums promote wellness initiatives throughout the year.


We are willing to consider all of the following activities should the opportunities to become involved in them arise:

  • Pro bono work;
  • Networking and supporting local business activities;
  • Local charities – support, fund raising and sponsorship;
  • Sponsorship of local clubs, events, teams, etc.;
  • Work experience opportunities;
  • Career talks.


We want you to have rewarding careers and good opportunities for progression, but we also value you having fulfilled and happy lives outside of our business. Therefore, we ensure equality of opportunity in our recruitment, progression, and learning and development processes and these values are set out within our Equality and Diversity Policy, Learning and Development policy and our People Management Procedures.

Encouraging individuality is very much part of the Lyons Bowe culture.  At Lyons Bowe we are committed to ensuring that each member of the firm treats all of their colleagues with dignity and respect.

We also promote a work-life balance through our Flexible Working Policy and by not placing unreasonable work demands on you.

Review of this policy

This policy will be reviewed at least annually by Edward Romaine.