Stage 2 of Buying a House
| Draft Contract Pack Requested

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What’s in a Draft Contract Pack?

The seller’s draft contract pack contains all the initial documents that we need to progress with your purchase such as:

  • The Title Plan
  • TA6, and TA10 Forms completed by the seller
  • HM Land Registry official copies
  • TA7 (Leasehold properties only)

What are Title Plans?

The Title Register stores information such as the names of the owners of a property, the price paid for the property, the date it was purchased and the tenure of the property (freehold or leasehold). It also provides more general information about the property such as any restrictions on the property, or if a mortgage is currently outstanding on the property.

Title Plans of a property show the boundary lines of the property and surrounding properties. The property you are purchasing is outlined in red ink. Coloured tints and hatches on the plans are there to indicate that the specific area of land is affected by easements, covenants, burdens or rights. This means that the land will be subject to specific rules about what can and cannot be done with it, or what it can or cannot be used for.

What is a TA6 Form?

A TA6 form is the Law Society’s Property Information Form, it is to be completed by the seller to give the buyer detailed information about the property. It covers information such as:

  • The property address, the seller’s contact details and solicitor’s information.
  • Property boundaries and property repair responsibilities
  • Any disputes or complaints regarding the property
  • Any building notices or proposals that have been submitted nearby
  • Any alterations that have happened to the property i.e. replacement of windows, addition of a conservatory etc. and any breaches of planning permissions
  • Guarantees and warranties i.e. New home warranty, damp proofing, timber treatment etc.
  • If the seller insures the property
  • Environmental factors such as if the property has ever flooded, if the property is affected by Radon, the energy efficiency of the property etc.
  • The rights and informal arrangements that affect the property such as the responsibility to pave a shared road.
  • Parking arrangements at the property
  • If the property is currently tenanted
  • Who the current providers are for utilities and services such as electricity, water, gas, etc.

What is a TA10 Form?

The TA10 is the Law Society’s Fittings and Contents Form. It is completed by the seller and provides the purchaser with information about the property’s fittings and contents that are being sold with the property. The TA10 is a legally binding document. Anything written in the form as fittings and contents, must be sold with the property and left behind. It covers:

  • Basic fittings |Boilers, radiators, light switches, window shutters, doorbells
  • Kitchen fittings | Hobs, extractor hoods, microwaves etc.
  • Bathroom | Bath, shower curtains, bathroom cabinets, mirrors etc.
  • Carpets | Any rooms that are carpeted
  • Curtains/blinds | Curtains, blinds, or window coverings all rooms
  • Light fittings | How many lights are in each room
  • Fitted units | Wardrobed, fitted shelves or cupboards
  • Outdoor areas | Garden furniture, ornaments, sheds etc.
  • Television & Telephone | Satellite dishes, radio aerial, telephone receivers
  • Stock of fuel | Any oil, wood, or petroleum gas that is left in the property

What is a TA7 Form?

A TA7 is the Law Society’s Leasehold Information Form. If you are purchasing a freehold property, the seller will not need to include a TA7 as part of the Draft Contract Pack. If you are purchasing a leasehold property, the seller will be required to provide you with a TA7. The TA7 will include all relevant documentation relating to the lease when they return the form to their solicitor. The form includes information such as:

  • The property type | Flat, maisonette, shared ownership etc.
  • Relevant documents | Buildings insurance policy, correspondence regarding maintenance services or ground rent for the last 3 years
  • Management of the building | Does a managing agent collect rent or manage the building? Has the company been struck off the register at Companies House?
  • Contact details | All contact details for the landlord or managing agent
  • Maintenance and charges | Who is responsible for arranging insurance on the property, when the property was last decorated?
  • Notices | If the seller has received notice that the landlord wishes to sell the building or repair or maintenance.
  • Consents or complaints | If the seller has received consent for, or a complaint from the landlord about anything regarding the property use. Additionally, if the seller has had to complain to the landlord about anything.
  • Alterations | Have any alterations to the property since the lease was originally granted?
  • Enfranchisement | This is the legal right of the tenant to purchase the freehold from their landlord and the right of the tenant to extend the term of the lease.


  • You are up to date! Keep an eye out on your emails as we will notify you once we have received the seller’s Contract Pack.

Draft Contract Pack FAQs

When can you order the property searches?

We need the information inside the Draft Contract Pack to submit our request for the property searches. We will chase the seller on a weekly basis for the Contract Pack to ensure your file progresses as smooth and efficiently as possible.

The Draft Contracts contains all the information that we need to order the property searches such as the title plans (information about the property and its boundaries). If we didn’t have the Draft Contracts, then we may order searches on outdated property information.

Don’t worry if there is a delay to the contract pack being issued by the seller. On average, most property searches are completed within 14 days.

How long will it take to receive the Contract Pack?

On average, we would expect to have the Draft Contracts provided to us within 1- 4 weeks.

It’s important to note that different solicitors have different processes in place for Draft Contract Packs. Multiple documents form the Draft Contract Pack and they will be received by the seller’s solicitor at different times. The seller’s solicitor will be working with the seller to help them to complete the forms and collate the documentation that forms the Contract Pack. Some solicitors will wait until they have all the documents to prepare the Draft Contracts.